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Version 1 deprecation notice

Continue Later v1 was developed using the Chromium extension platform Manifest V2, which is in the process of being phased out. Continue Later v1's code is rather unmaintainable, so the extension would have to be rewritten from scratch in order to port it to the new Manifest V3. For this reason, Continue Later v1 is deprecated and will no longer be maintained.

The schedule of Google and Microsoft's "sunset" of Manifest V2 appears to still largely be up in the air. Eventually, all extensions still using Manifest V2, including Continue Later v1, will cease to function.

As browsers such as Chrome and Edge have continued to improve their built-in features which are similar to this extension, Continue Later may no longer be necessary. I have not yet decided whether I intend to develop a new version of Continue Later using Manifest V3. Regardless of what comes of the extension, your page list will soon be inaccessible, so please copy any links you wish to save to another location.

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